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This book cannot help but make an impression. Studies in Food and Faith EPUB EBook Jordan's central thesis is to properly and faithfully make sense of the dietary and clean/unclean laws of Leviticus and Numbers. To do this he begins in a fairly odd place - EPUB the strange dietary fads that pass through Christian circles about "Biblical diets" and so forth. The first half of the book is devoted to dealing with this misconception, particularly refuting the idea that the food laws were given for hygenic reasons. He then runs through all of the various approaches to the clean/unclean laws throughout history, showing that none of them do justice to the details of the text.

What follows are some of the best pages I may have read about the Old Testament. Seriously. Anybody who thinks Jordan is speculative hasn't read this book. After his Through New Eyes, this book should be read. What Jordan does is show that everything involved in the clean/unclean laws has to do with the curse of Genesis 3. Why are the details the way they are? Because they go back to Genesis 3. To wit: unclean animals have unshod or feet that don't have totally divided hooves. That is, they are in direct contact with the "dust of the earth" which God cursed. Other animals are unclean because they resemble the serpent in some way or another. Clean animals have "full" hooves or scales that act as a barrier between the dust of the earth and the beast itself, or (in the case of birds) don't feed on carrion, a consequence of the curse - death. Crawlers associate too closely with the serpent who was cursed to "crawl on his belly." Certain animals break into your house are unclean and make the house unclean because they are transgressing a barrier just as the serpent did by crossing into the Garden with ill-purposes.

Jordan also shows that the human body has three "zones," the heart, the flesh and the skin. These parallel the holy of holies, holy place and outer courtyard of the tabernacle and temple. So that it is contact with the flesh that makes "issues" from the body unclean. Leprosy, for instance, was only unclean if it penetrated the skin to the flesh (the skin being akin to scales or hooves in being a barrier between the person and the "dust of the earth."

A really great study of these so-cryptic issues. It is a real pity Jordan has not yet seen fit to issue it as a bound book for wider consumption. But it is available from his ministry, Biblical Horizons. Like this book? Read online this: Zoo Animals for Kids (Children's Book Age 4-8) (Discover Animals Series), Eating Right in the Renaissance (California Studies in Food and Culture, 2).

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