Straphanging in the USA

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A riveting look at the evolution of transportation in American cities, Straphanging in America begins with an examination of the horsecar and omnibus, then traces the extraordinary impact of the cable car, elevated railway, interurban, and subway on city life — and the nation. Straphanging in the USA EPUB EBook Capturing people's imaginations with its "magical" use of electricity, trolley cars made pollution- EPUBfree, inexpensive, mass urban transportation possible and created suburbs. Interurbans connected cities, spawned new towns, and made overland travel a national pastime. Subways solved the problem of street congestion. Beyond the effects on landscape, urban transport unified cities as people of all economic backgrounds rubbed elbows. Vividly illustrating America's urban transformation, Straphanging in America captures the excitement of a nation and its burgeoning technology. Like this book? Read online this: George Bellows and Urban America, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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