Storey's Guide to Training Horses

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It all starts with good horse sense. Storey's Guide to Training Horses EPUB EBook Anyone who understands how horses think, knows the basics of good horsemanship, and is aware of general safety practices when working around horses already has a leg up on what is necessary to train a horse. STOREY'S GUIDE TO TRAINING HORSES is a comprehensive volume that builds on that foundation and takes the trainer step- EPUBby-step through the training process, from handling the foal to ground work to mounted lessons and trailer training. While most training books focus on riding, this guide takes a broad view, presenting different methods and alternatives so you can tailor your approach to your particular horse.

Author, rancher, and horse trainer Heather Smith Thomas explains how to avoid common mistakes and how to ensure mutual respect and a productive working relationship with your horse. She begins with training psychology - including how to think like a horse and the origins of the flight or fight response. Then she covers handling and positive, progressive training techniques for each stage of the horse's development. And since each horse is different, Thomas offers a variety of training methods designed to suit different temperaments. Furthermore, she emphasizes that a smart trainer puts the horse first, letting the horse learn at its own pace rather than trying to force the animal to an unrealistic training timetable.

Complete with a glossary of equine terms and a list of resources for additional information on horse training - including training clinics - this is an authoritative reference for trainers of all levels. Like this book? Read online this: Bodyweight Training (Bodyweight Training, Bodyweight Training books, bodyweight training and workouts), The Field Guide to Horses.

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