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Today's selection is light and fun, overall a romantic comedy. So, if you love watching these types of movies, you will love Stephanie Bond's new book Stop the Wedding. Let's meet the characters and what I thought of the book.

Character list:

Annabelle Coakley: Divorce Lawyer, and daughter of the bride.
Clay Castleberry: A Venture Capitalist and son of the groom
Martin Castleberry: the groom, some what a playboy, work on his 6th marriage
Belle Coakley: the Bride, widow
Michaela (aka Mike): friend and sounding board of Annabelle

My thoughts:

You have to view this as if you were watching this unfold on the screen (by the way would be HILARIOUS). With all romantic comedies you have your cast of characters and how they all work together. Annabelle and Clay actually have the same mission: to break their parents apart, but they don't realize they are on the same page. So, the story really focuses on those two trying to sabotage the relationship and call off the wedding. If you are a fan of romantic comedies you know that this never works, and you just have to watch how it all plays out.

In all romantic comedies you have the unlikely couple, which you can guess (at least I hope). If you remember the plot from My Best Friend's Wedding, some what similar to that plot except you have the kids trying to break the wedding. I have to say it's a lot of fun. Plus, you need the friend that says, "this is a bad idea." Do they listen to friend? No, but the friend is always there. Finally for a complete romantic comedy you need the moment where you worry if it will all workout or not (the nail bitting moment). If you are a sap like me, you will start crying at that moment.

Which Stop the Wedding! has all the makings of a romantic comedy movie. I think this book would be hilarious if they ever do that. I loved Annabelle and Clay, because they have so much animosity towards each other. At the same time, they are so attracted to one another and trying to fight there feelings to save there parents from disaster. FUN, FUN, FUN! I loved this story. So, if you are looking for a quick light read, I would suggest Stephanie Bond's Stop the Wedding!

So, I leave you today and I hope you are finding those fun reads.

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