Starstruck (Thoroughbred, #63)

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Can a fan's love go too far?

Christina is thrilled by Wonder's Star's recent wins on the track, but with Star's success comes some very strange –– and very creepy –– activity around the farm. Starstruck (Thoroughbred, #63) EPUB EBook First, someone breaks into the Whitebrook barn. Though physically unharmed, a jittery Star compels Christina to fly home abruptly from New York. Luckily, Christina's new friend Jessie is there to support her.

For safety's sake, Christina is forced to move her renowned horse after the break–in. But when trouble follows Star to Whisperwood and then to Tall Oaks, she begins to fear for Star's well–being . . . and for her own. Christina may be left with only one option: to move Star to Townsend Acres, where the security is excellent, but where her nemesis, Brad Townsend, is surely up to no good. . .

Ages 8+

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