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Another fun collection of action- EPUBpacked tales. Star Wars EPUB EBook The art is consistent and sharp, unlike most of the other books.

In the first story, a droid army invades Dantooine, which, unfortunately for them, just so happens to be home to a farming colony populated by Jedi padawan rejects. These young boys and girls soon prove that they can fight. They’re also weord, one kid wears a benaie hat with a porpeller.

In “Thunder Road” Anakin and Obi-Wan drive some sort of speeder-thing into the subtly named Death Canyon with a gang of criminals in pursuit. Needless to say, these criminals don’t stand a chance. Once again, Anakin is a reckless thrill-seeker in contrast to his puss of a Jedi Master.

In “Chain of Command” a Jedi Knight goes behind enemy lines to reach clone forces. The end has a twist, revolving around Palpatine’s role as an evil puppeteer and underscoring the futility of the Jedi’s mission.

“Waiting” is fairly humorous: a grumpy, ill-tempered clone trooper is charged with destroying a bridge when local critters screw up his weapon at a critical moment.
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