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One of the coolest things about George Lucas's Star Wars saga is the detail he puts into each character and piece of equipment, whether it's a major Jedi master like Yoda or the small tone activator in a Kaminoan Doorbell. Star Wars EPUB EBook To coincide with the second installment of the prequels, DK and Lucas Books combined into one book Episode II's heroes, villains, strange creatures, battle equipment, and more, providing fans of the space epic with an excellent, comprehensive reference tool for their Star Wars collections.

Whatever you may be looking for, it's in here. Each engrossing spread includes a major subject and subheadings, giant and small color photos, name labels, descriptive characteristics, and background. Obi- EPUBWan Kenobi's feature, for example, shows him in combat stance, along with details of his role in Episode II, explanations of his clothing and lightsaber, the objects he takes with him in the field, his fighting style as a Jedi Knight, and scenes from the film. Other glossy spreads include Anakin Skywalker, Zam Wesell, Tusken Raiders, and Trade Federation Battle Droids. Data File boxes are also given throughout the book, providing readers with extra tidbits of juicy information.

This glossy book should send Stars Wars fanatics of all ages through the roof. It literally gets into the nuts and bolts of the film, giving answers to questions they may not have even dreamed up. And for regular moviegoers interested in appreciating the thought Lucas puts into his films, The Visual Dictionary is a definite eye-opener.

Among other things, it'll help you recognize that nasty-looking chap in the Outlander Nightclub, in case you ever wander in. (Matt Warner)

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