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Strange New Worlds II impressed me very much with the quality of the short stories written by Star Trek fans. Star Trek EPUB EBook Some stories continue plots from prior series; download; a Voyager story is a follow- EPUBup to an original series show, while another follows one from The Next Generation. Dr. McCoy makes an appearance in a Next Gen story and a Voyager story, while Chakotay and the EMH both appear in Next Gen stories. Fans of Deep Space Nine will be disappointed, as neither of the stories ostensibly from that series really deals with any of the characters. Only Sisko & Odo are even mentioned. Reg Barclay makes two appearances; so do the Time Cops Dulmer & Lucsly. Lt. Saavik, Dr. Pulaski, & Carol Marcus also appear. To me the best story was Triptych, the second prize winner. A Ribbon for Rosie & I Am Klingon (first & third respectively) are also outstanding. Like this book? Read online this: The Whole Story and Other Stories, Star Trek.

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