Stacy & Fanny and Faggot

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Part conjecture, part factual with transcripts from the trial, it comes across as eerily believable and I can easily imagine that this is how the two kids interacted. Stacy & download; Fanny and Faggot EPUB EBook Quite spot- EPUBon in that sense, it captures the crudity and darkness embedded in the friendships between children. A criticism, however, is the dialect. My mother, a Geordie (a fact masked by southern aspirations) was naturally attracted by the lurid title, not knowing much about the Mary Bell case (Fanny and Faggot were their pen-names in the 'We Murder' notes left at the nursery school), proceeded to regale me by reading aloud the lines in a Newcastle accent. But what was this?! 'Innit'? 'Owt'? 'Otherlike'? This isn't Geordie at all! More like Yorkshire/Derbyshire with a hint of Manc. Mam took great issue with this and cast it aside for eternity. I like it loads though, and wish it had had more publicity when it ran in 2007 at the Finborough Theatre. The second act, 'Superstar', doesn't fare so well in my opinion, given that we have MB's own account of what happened on that weekend in Blackpool, and the play deviates dramatically. I know we should allow for artistic license, but it just feels contrived compared to Act I. Like this book? Read online this: I, WALTER (The Eternity Series, Book One (Part 2)), Pippa's Problem Page (Stacy & Friends, #2).

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