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I'm not sure if this is the comic from class, but it seems to be similar to it. Spider- EPUBMan EPUB EBook This comic is about a teenager named Peter Parker. He is considered as one of the smarter students in school, which may seem like a good thing. Unfortunately, he is picked on by his fellow teammates on the school basketball team. LIfe is extreely frustrating for Peter, but he continues to keep his grades up, like always.
One day, his class goes on a field trip to a scientific laboratory where his friend's father works. During the trip, Peter get biten by a spider out of nowhere. THe spider had excaped earlier in the story and it reappeared at this moment. When Peter wakes up, he finds out that he had all of these powers, like a sixth sense. Out of nowhere, he also becomes atletic and popuplar. This is unusual since he used to be the one that was picked on.
With his new powers, he is able to use it to get money and fight villains that randomly appear. Like this book? Read online this: Peter and the Werewolves (Peter and the Monsters #8), Spider-Man.

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