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Eh. Spider- EPUBMan EPUB EBookYes, another super-hero book, and this is just my 5 yr old.I can hardly wait (not) until my twins are into super heroes.My son loved it, so that's all that matters.It's the book he chose to read to me today.A good level 2, except it seemed a little on the easy side, not sure if that's because of length or of vocabulary, but my son read through it pretty quickly.We had to stop several times to discuss our favorite super heroes and other parts of the book.My son is forever annoyed that I usually like the bad guy better than the super hero.Today he asked who my favorite was when I was a kid.I told him it was a toss-up between Flash Gorden, Mighty Mouse, or He-Man.He was like, "Who are they?"I'll have to educate him.

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