South America on a Shoestring

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Jef gave me this for my birthday. South America on a Shoestring EPUB EBookHe wrapped it in a pizza box.Truuuueee Stooorrry.How do you wrap something in a pizza box, you ask?Well, you put it in a used pizza box with the leftover sauces, throw at the giftee and then leave the box in her car.So sweet.Anyway, he gave me the Central America on a shoestring for Christmas 2006.And a bottle of Sunsilk shampoo. Truuuueee Stooorrry.I used the book to plan the trip to Nicaragua, including picking the town we stayed in and the school we went to.I did not ever use the shampoo.The book was super helpful, although it did not keep us from getting lost in Leon.Or keep the crab out of my bed.Or keep the electricity on for most of the nights.But other than that, it is great.And when I came home, I left it with Jef, so he could use it to get around without me.And it worked for him too.And he is dyslexic.So, I think that is the best review you can give a travel book - EPUB even the dyslexic kid can use it! Like this book? Read online this: La Pizza, Central America on a Shoestring.

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