Sometimes Gladness

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Dawe often uses long sentences in his poems to preserve the moment and the mood of the poem, as most of them occur over a short period of time. Sometimes Gladness EPUB EBook His simplicity reminds me of one of my favorite poet, Sapardi Djoko Damono.

One of my favorite poems in the books is this:

==Soliloquy for One Dead==

Ah, no, Joe, you never knew
the whole of it, the whistling
which is only the wind in the chimney's
smoking belly, the footsteps on the muddy
path that are always somebody else's.
I think of your limbs down there, softly
becoming mineral, the life of grasses,
and the old love of you thrusts the tears
up into my eyes, with the family aware
and looking everywhere else.
Sometimes when summer is over the land,
when the heat quicken the deaf timbers,
and birds are thick in the plums again,
my heart sickens, Joe, calling
for the water of your voice and the gone
agony of your nearness, I try hard
to forget, saying: If God wills,
it must be so, because of
His goodness, because—
but the grasshopper memory leaps
in the long thicket, knowing no ease. Ah, Joe,
you never knew the whole of it... Like this book? Read online this: A Long Time Dead, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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