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I never read "Simple Abundance" which preceded this book, so I have nothing to compare "Something More" against. Something More EPUB EBook I picked up this book at a swap several years ago, not even sure why I was drawn to it. Over the past month, I finally took the time to slowly read through it nightly before bed. This book deeply resonated with me. Sometimes a simple quote is all it took to unhinge my soul and bring to the surface issues that my mind seemed to wrestle with in my sleep. Sometimes it was the examples and stories she shared that moved me to thought and emotion. I love this book, because I came to it at the right time. With these types of books I believe you have to read them when you're ready or have reason to need the messages they contain. I'm not sure that had I read it when I found it, that it would have held as much meaning for me. This happened to be my time for something more. Like this book? Read online this: Nerissa's Celebration (A Collection of Read Aloud Bedtime Stories for Kids Book 3), Understanding Social Exclusion.

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