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Snow Job Delphine Dryden When lawyer Elyce Anderson threatens to sue her estranged husband to stop construction on a environmentally fragile inlet, he proposes a deal. Snow Job EPUB EBook If Elyce attends his family's annual Christmas vacation- EPUBplaying the role of dutiful wife-he'll save the inlet from development. Once at the vacation cabin, the guise of happy couple takes a turn-particularly in the bedroom. Karl wants Elyce back, and wastes no time demonstrating how much. He's forceful, demanding...taking her in the bed, in the bathroom, against the wall-even administering a "punishment" that leaves them both breathless with lust. Elyce is shocked at Karl's new approach to sex-and even more shocked to find her mind losing the battle with her body as she succumbs again and again. Intense and erotic, the long, hot winter nights leave her struggling to adjust. But despite her husband's sudden and sexy change, Elyce knows some things remain the same...perhaps even her love for Karl. Like this book? Read online this: Karl Kraus, Snow.

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