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This book has most everything you would need to find out about ceratian breeds of dogs. Smithsonian Handbooks EPUB EBook Like the other informational books by David Alderton, this book is easy to navigate, fun to just flip through, and displays a lot of information. Each dog breed has a half of page or a page that lets you know:

- EPUBthe name of the breed(example:Chihuahua)
-the country of origin(example:Mexico)
-the first use(example:Companion)
-the origin(example:1800s)
-the color types
-a picture with pointers that will help you identify that dog
-a written description including: history, remarks, and maybe, if there is some, other names
-the average height(example:6-9in(15-23cm))
-the average weight(example:2-6lb(1-3kg))
-the typical temperament(example: bold, playful)
-the catagory type(example: companion dogs)

Plus there is an introduction at the front of the book letting you know about pet care, puppies,choosing a dog, etc. Like this book? Read online this: The Practical Kennel Guide with Plain Instructions on How to Rear and Breed Dogs for Pleasure, Show, and Profit, Smithsonian.

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