Sleepless in America

EPUB EBook by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

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Does your child refuse to cooperate in the morning? Get into trouble for not listening? "Lose it" over seemingly insignificant issues? Seem to resist sleep?
An estimated 69 percent of American infants, children, and teens are sleep deprived. Sleepless in America EPUB EBook Studies have shown that sleep deficits can contribute to hyperactivity, distraction, forgetfulness, learning problems, illness, accidents, and disruptive behaviors. Often what our misbehaving kids really need isn't more "consequences" or more medication but more sleep.
Sleepless in America offers weary and frustrated parents a helping hand and an exciting new approach to managing challenging behaviors by integrating research on stress, sleep, and temperament with practical strategies and a five- EPUBstep approach that enables parents to help their "tired and wired" children get the sleep they so desperately need. Like this book? Read online this: Six Sleep Problems and Solutions, Little Bunny's Sleepless Night.

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