Sleeping with Strangers (Gideon, #1)

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From Thieves’ Paradise to Drive Me Crazy to Chasing Destiny (which reached #6 on the New York Times list—his eighth bestseller), Eric Jerome Dickey has captivated audiences with his edgy, steamy books. Sleeping with Strangers (Gideon, #1) EPUB EBook
Dickey’s fans will be delighted by this fast- EPUBpaced, deadly, and sensual read that gives them the chance to catch up with some of their favorite characters while introducing a great new bad-boy narrator: a hit man who goes by the name of Gideon. He’s a man who lives off the grid, drifting along while making love on the run as he works as a hit man—enacting the revenge of the broken-hearted . . . for a price.

With a supporting cast of grifters and killers, broken-hearted squares and streetwalkers, and three very different women who each want to become Gideon’s leading lady, this is a world that thrives on the darker passions of revenge and desire.

Get ready for another scorching hot read full of twists and surprises from an author who keeps climbing higher on the bestseller lists with each new book. Like this book? Read online this: What to Read, and How to Read, Being Classified Lists of Choice Reading., Where There's a Will (Gideon Oliver, #12).

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