Six Swans

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The Six Swans by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, illustrated by Dorothee Duntze, translated by Anthea Bell, published 1998. Six Swans EPUB EBook

Nonfiction, folktale.

Picture book.

Grades K- EPUB3.

Found via Publishers Weekly, reviewer not identified.

This version of the Brothers Grimms' tale "The Six Swans" stays close to the original source, retelling this story in all of its particulars.This story follows a family where six brothers are turned into swans and the youngest child, a girl, has to make them six shirts of starflowers within six years without talking or laughing.The translation here sticks close to the source while still being accessible to children, and the illustrations highlight themes of the narrative while harkening back to European paintings.The reviewer also finds this book successful, stating that "Duntze succeeds in depicting the darkness of human experience without shielding children from strong emotion."Readers should be warned of some dark themes, including suspected cannibalism, but that should be expected with faithful versions of traditional fairy tales. Like this book? Read online this: Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers - Skazki Bratiev Grimm - in Russian language, Fidelity Is for Swans.

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