Sino Christian Studies In China

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In the 1980s there was a wave of introducing western thoughts in the academia of Mainland China. Sino Christian Studies In China EPUB EBook The significance of this movement is regarded by some Chinese scholars as another Enlightenment since the May 4th movement, 1919. In this movement there was a small group of Chinese scholars who thought that subtle interaction between Christian thought and western culture and academic should be noticed. The aim of this book is at reporting this academic movement, which is still active and dynamic today. This book includes 22 essays written by authors from Mainland China and overseas, who may be intra or extra ecclesia. But all of them are prominent in their respective geographical and academic area. This is the first book introducing to the English- EPUBspeaking world the origin and development of Sino-Chirstian Studies and Sino-Christian Theology systematically. Like this book? Read online this: English for Academic Success College Reading Book One Plus College Vocabulary Book One, Christian Studies I Teacher Guide.

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