Sinister Forces-The Nine

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I'm very confused but still interested. Sinister Forces- EPUBThe Nine EPUB EBook

My statement above should say it all. Levenda weaves an intoxicating tale that will satisfy the conspiracy theorist who thinks there are facts out "there" to be learned and therefore, all of this should be absorbed both as fiction and fantasy alike. If you are fascinated by the occult and intrigued by strange coincidences of dates, surnames, religious lineage, Big Brother as the CIA, drug trials utilized by nefarious folk in the quest for mind control, and the like, BUT YET still regard yourself as an intellectual that recognizes proof via excessive footnotes and time lines, then this book is for you! My eyes are bleeding from the poor Kindle formatting, yet I still have books two and three to squint through while I try to keep this onslaught of over-documented "history" straight in my rattled brain. I'm off to scour the Interwebs for proof that Peter Levenda is my spiritual brother or a obsessive-compulsive librarian of parapsychological folklore! Like this book? Read online this: Strong Attraction (The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada, #1), Sinister Seductions.

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