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I agree with almost everything said in the previous reviewexcept: ". Silman's Complete Endgame Course EPUB the one and only endgame book you'll need as you move up the ladder from beginner to strong tournament player and finally to master."
Unfortunately, Silman didn't explained how to checkmate with the bishop+knight. Why? Let me quote him:
"I heretically decided not to include Bishop and Knight vs. Lone King because it's far from easy to master, and it occurs very rarely in over- EPUBthe -board play. In fact, I only got it once in my entire career, while IM John Watson and IM John Donaldson never got it at all! Is such a rarity really worth the two or three hours it would take to learn it? I say no."
Here is another quote from Andrew Soltis:
"The Estimated Odds of Your: Playing Out K+B+N vs K This Year: 1 in 3,000."
Yes, it's easy to find players who never have to play such endgame - but I also now some mater-level players who HAD to play - and FAILED to deliver checkmate in 50 moves! Also, one of my students draw during the state-championship because his opponent didn't know the winning-plan, while my other student had to prove - and he proved! - that he knows how to checkmate.
So, while the probability to play this endgame is very - very low, the probability to look like a "patzer" chasing around the opponent's king in an ignorant way is 100%! Trust me, that friend of mine, a chess master who didn't checkmated his opponent (with a lot of time on the clock and 30 sec. increment) - he really didn't feel great after the game.

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