Showdown in Desire

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Showdown in Desire portrays the Black Panther Party in New Orleans in 1970, a year that included a shootout with the police on Piety Street, the creation of survival programs, and the daylong standoff between the Panthers and the police in the Desire housing development. Showdown in Desire EPUB EBook Through interviews with
Malik Rahim, the Panther; download; Robert H. King, Panther and member of the Angola 3; Larry Preston Williams, the black policeman; Moon Landrieu, the mayor; Henry Faggen, the Desire resident; Robert Glass, the white lawyer; Jerome LeDoux, the black priest; William Barnwell, the white priest; and many others, Orissa Arend tells a nuanced story that unfolds amid guns, tear gas, desperate poverty, oppression, and inflammatory rhetoric to
capture the palpable spirit of rebellion, resistance, and revolution of an incendiary summer in New Orleans. Like this book? Read online this: Black Panther - The Most Dangerous Man Alive, Fourth Down Showdown.

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