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A daring darling from the Live Girls series offers a collection of provocative, confessional stories sure to inspire one- EPUBhanded reading. Shameless EPUB EBook This isn’t dusty, for-ladies-only fiction, just high-quality erotica that doesn’t require a whips-and-chains appetite for thorough enjoyment of each sensual, sometimes wicked admission. Recalling the sweat and sizzle of an old affair, a woman wonders if her former lover can ever forgive her for having ended up with his wife. A Haitian couple reveals the passion born of desperation and the searing fires of loss and love. A young woman abroad loses her virginity to a sophisticated older man in a scorching-hot life lesson in sexual possibility. Ovulation brings sweet, slippery horniness—and volatile, supercharged impregnation fantasies—to a childless-by-choice bi-chick. And a pregnant bitch goddess recounts the night she took over her husband’s body the same way her growing baby took over her own: relentlessly and with delicious, paradoxical pleasure and pain. The memoir-like style of these stories allows the reader to devour private letters, peek into diaries, and listen to the most intimate confessions of women acting out in inspirational sexual abandon. Seasoned editor Blank has collected only the hottest, most “confidential” and scintillating erotic moments by expert eroticists including Dawn O’Hara, Adhara Law, Lisa Bland, and R. Gay. Like this book? Read online this: Gender Swap Erotica Bundle - Woke Up A Woman (3 Stories!), Dear Shameless Death.

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