Shadows at Dawn

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"In the predawn hours of April 30, 1871, a combined party of Americans, Mexicans, and Tohono O'odham Indians gathered just outside an Apache camp in the Arizona borderlands. Shadows at Dawn EPUB EBook At the first light of day they struck, murdering scores of Apaches, mostly women and children, in their sleep. After the attack, a quick count of the raiders revealed that not one of them had been harmed, but nearly 150 Apaches had been killed." "In its day, the atrocity, which came to be known as the Camp Grant Massacre, generated unparalleled national attention for an incident of its kind - EPUB federal investigations, heated debate in the press, and a tense criminal trial. This was the era of the United States "Peace Policy" toward Indians, and the Apaches had been living on a would-be reservation, under the supposed protection of the U.S. army. President Ulysses Grant decried the act as "purely murder," but American settlers countered that the distant U.S. government had failed to protect them from Apache attacks, and they had no choice but to take justice into their own hands." "In the past century, the massacre has largely faded from memory, but now, drawing on oral histories, contemporary newspaper reports, and the participants' own accounts, Karl Jacoby brings this perplexing incident and tumultuous era to life. Shadows at Dawn traces the escalating conflicts as well as the alliances that took place among the Americans, Mexicans, Apache and Tohono O'odham living in the borderlands over the course of several hundred years." Shadows at Dawn rescues a forgotten massacre and in doing so illuminates what Jacoby calls the most familiar and yet the most overlooked subject in American history - violence againstIndians. The book paints a sweeping panorama of life in the American Southwest - a world far more complex, diverse, and morally ambiguous than the traditional portrayals of the Old West. Like this book? Read online this: History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Or, the Butchery in Cold Blood of 134 Men, Women and Children, Veiled Shadows (Shadows, #3).

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