Sell and Sell Short

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Dr. Sell and Sell Short EPUB EBook Alexander Elder has created a valuable guide to using certain reliable economic chart indicators to predict when price will change direction and revert to its moving average. He includes plenty of charts and includes demonstrations with stocks and other securities; download; he includes a trade on the price of gold, showing that his system works there.

He also includes valuable anecdotes about how people sometimes give him unintentional "signals" that a market has peaked and it is time to sell. He cautions us that "the market does not exist to put money in the hands of amateurs," but his goal in writing this book is to show people that they too can trade for a living with a consistent success rate and eventually quit their day jobs, so that is enough reason to check it out. Like this book? Read online this: Western Weddings (includes Klondike Gold Rush, #4), How You Can Sell Anyone Anything.

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