Self-Healing with Reiki

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This is an extremely thorough and helpful book for anyone who wants to heal themselves on all levels and learn to use Reiki in a variety of ways. Self- EPUBHealing with Reiki EPUB EBookThe author provides specific exercises and insights into how we can heal ourselves on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level using Reiki techniques as well as other complimentary tools such as meditation, visualization, crystals, etc.I really appreciated how the author focused in on these different aspects of self and showed what a diverse and powerful tool Reiki can be. Penelope Quest really explains the Reiki system as Mikao Usui originally intended it to be, a tool for personal growth and self healing, instead of the modern emphasis on treating other people with Reiki, which is really a secondary benefit and focus. I intend to buy a copy of this book as I will refer back to it as a great resource in my ongoing journey of healing and self-discovery. Like this book? Read online this: Reiki, Reiki.

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