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perhaps the best Royo book i have devoured so far, his work needs no words, no explanation it stands up on its own, but when i read the little commentaries (so much wonderful terse poetry) in here i really felt they added to my appreciation of the work, they really show that he is much more than - EPUBjust- a 'fantasy artist' his themes are not of the realm of comic books and magazines and pulp fictions, though they use them too, Royo's themes are much older, and beyond even the oft told stories of myth and legend, they are intensely primal and seem almost to tap into the parts of our collective unconscious, the workings of our brain, our minds our dreams even, that perhaps inspired such stories, but as always, pictures tell them more powerfully than words, for pictures were the first language, carved for prosperity. Secrets EPUB EBook Like this book? Read online this: Essential Sight Words Level 1 - Introductory Readers (Set of 8 books) (Set of 8 books) (Learn to Read Books), Binding Secrets (Legacy of Secrets #2).

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