Secret of the Old Post Box

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Dated, absolutely. Secret of the Old Post Box EPUB EBook A girl putting on pedal- EPUBpushers to play baseball? Oh, Please! Didactic? That too. Stopping in the middle of the action to explain about George Washington and his network of Revolutionary Spies? YAWN!

But on the other hand...and this is important to me. That girl IS playing baseball. With boys. Not very well, perhaps. But at no point did the author stop to say "because Pat was a girl". Rather it's more likely that this is because she's played baseball only in her school's gym, having just moved out from New York City to the suburbs; download; this is the first time she's played proper baseball out in a field.

Not to mention the fact that the girl in question then wallops out a home run...which leads to the primary action of the book: discovering the treasure in the Revolutionary War-era home, which belongs to three of the four boys with whom she's playing.

Or rather belonged, before the family lost it because they couldn't pay the taxes, much less keep up the house in the way it needed to be—the furnace was, apparently, installed some time shortly after the Civil War, almost a century before this book was set.

(Rest assured, baseball has very little to do with the book. It's about family pride, and settling in to a new neighborhood, and learning a bit about history while we're at it. This is just what struck me about my copy of it. Like this book? Read online this: The Baseball Counting Book, Anti-Pelagian Writings (Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers 5, Series 1) (Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers 5, Series 1) .

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