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Back in 1985 or so, I saw the "Wonderworks" film version of this story, a memoir about raising a pet seal, on TV, and was utterly enchanted (I suspect I would do well to leave my pleasant memories intact and not seek it out on DVD). Seal Morning EPUB EBook

A couple years later, when I was starting college and visited for the first time the used bookstore which was to become my favorite used bookstore of all time (alas, it no longer exists), I found a well worn vintage mass market of the book, on which I pounced and quickly devoured. It was more exciting to find things like that back then, at a time when it was not even remotely possible to envision a day when one could look for used copies of books online.I don't think I'd even known that a book version existed.

I found that the film makers had taken drastic liberties with the story, and the original memoir was much less romantic in tone. However, I still loved the book because of the portrayal of Lora, the seal, who comes across as delightful and exasperating, and just somehow very real.I was very taken with her love of music — she is given a toy xylophone, and the account of her cheerfully, semi- EPUBrandomly, whacking out tunes until the people around her are driven mad by them is rather funny.

Half a life-time later, I read it aloud to my 11 year-old boy (most of it — parts are very dry, and I edited freely as I read) who likes animal stories.He also fell for Lora's charms.But oh that internet, half blessing, and half-curse, as usual.Without it I would never have known that the book is almost certainly all fabrication.Sigh. I didn't pass this information along to the boy however.I never tried hard to keep his belief in Santa alive, but somehow it seems important for him to believe in Lora. Like this book? Read online this: The White House Cook Book - Illustrated, hypertext version (2011), from the original version (2011), from the original version (1887), Taken By The Navy Seal (Part 2) (Part 2) (Owned By The Navy Seal).

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