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Sea Wolves is a very good account of the British submarines at war. Sea Wolves EPUB EBookAs the book's subtitle "The Extraordinary Story of Britain's WW2 submarines" suggests it is not a history, although it provides much in this area, but a story and in this respect it excels.

The research for the book was first done by the author and his writing partner Phil Craig for their book and tv series Finest Hour.It was decided not to include the submarine aspects in relation to the events of 1940, and so Tim Clayton used this research, especially the interviews he carried out with many of the service's submarine commanders, to form this very interesting book.

As with much of Britain's military story in the lead up and early years of the war the service was underfunded, under equipped and under valued.It deployed boats built for training purposes on operations with poor quality torpedoes that were rationed.Much of the book covers the war in the Mediterranean where the submarine service took heavy caualties but also made significant campaign winning contributions.Norway is covered as is war with Japan; download; I should have liked more on this latter campaign but what there is clearly describes the experiences and frankly shocking tactics employed by both sides in hunting targets and treatment of human beings.

The book's real strength is derived from the author's interviews where the voices of the boats' commanders and crews can clearly be heard describing what it was like to live - EPUB even go to the toilet in public - in small, compact and comfortless boats.Even more riveting is the descriptions of what it is like to have been depth charged, and for me this is the finest writing within this book.

Finally, the author asks some questions on the value of the boats and their work, and provides some figures on casualties - 38% - and the work they did.

Sea Wolves is an absorbing account of a service that carried out dangerous and lonely work that was of much value to the Country and wider world during the Second World War. Like this book? Read online this: Sedition's Service (The Sun Emperor Book 1), Two Wolves.

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