Savage Desire

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Abducted by two brutes, frightened beyond despair, beauty Mara Golden was elated to be rescued by the tall dark Indian. Savage Desire EPUB EBook His bare chest was smooth and rippled with muscle. Soft buckskin hugged his long lean legs, and all she desired was to be crushed in his strong protective arms. She had been courted by countless suitors — but she had finally found her true love...

Each night Tajarez, the future king of the Lagonda tribe, dreamt of the magnificent Golden One. She had the beauty of a sunset, skin as white as a dove, hair like spun gold. It was fate that he finally found her. But they could never share the conventional joys of love — they would only be joined forever in raging SAVAGE DESIRE. Like this book? Read online this: Finally, My Love, Savage Whispers (Savage Secrets, #4).

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