Samurai Chess

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I read this book well over a decade ago, when I lived in Virginia. Samurai Chess EPUB EBook It was very used paperback and its spine was kept intact with clear tape, yet in my hands it felt like a leatherbound edition with pages lined with golden edges. Thats how I felt as I read this book with all of its knowledge, culture and the mental discipline behind this ancient game. From this book I truly learned why it was called "samurai chess" and many moves and strategies from past masters of this game were artfully displayed.

I so enjoy this game and I was happy to be apart of a little chess club that consisted of my fellow co- EPUBworkers at the time. I had thought I was fairly good until I got my hands on this book. There was one friend among us who proved unbeatable and was known for quick victories with his skill in the game. I could never beat him nor impress him with a challenging match, yet after several days of intense study of this book and its principles... I was finally able to compete against him in surprisingly intense game. After nearly an hour of intense focus, defense and patience, surrounded by our friends... I finally beat him. I owe that victory to this book alone.

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