Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel

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I was able to read a pre- EPUBpublication version of this book!

TITLE: Sammy Spider's first trip to Israel. Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel EPUB EBook
AUTHOR: Sylvia A. Rouss
ILLUSTRATOR: Katherine Janus Kahn

Sammy Spider lives in a Jewish home with the Shapiro family. Sammy has had many adventures learning about Jewish customs, and holidays in this home.Now, in THIS book, Sammy spider crawls into a little toy El Al plane and ends up part of the Shapiro luggage as they take a life-sized EL AL plane to Israel.Sammy Spider is up for the adventure, using all his senses. He sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches many new things while in Israel. He also misses his mom, and wishes she could be there with him to see, hear, smell, taste and touch so many new things.

Sammy spider visits the wailing wall, the dead sea, and many other wonders in Israel. Sammy also learns many meanings for SHALOM. It can mean hello, or goodbye, or peace, what a useful word!

A great book, part ofa great series, produced by Kar-Ben publishing, who also helps to publish the Sesame street SHALOM SESAME books.

NOTE ON ILLUSTRATIONS: Just gorgeous. The illustrations appear to be partly watercolor paint, and some 3D effects with collage-like torn paper layers. WOW.

END: Sammy reunites with mom and falls into a nice nap. Very reassuring ending.

TAGS: Learn about Judaism, children's book, Israel, EL-AL, Five senses, vacation, trip, falafel, olives, halvah, Kar-Ben publishing

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