Sales On A Beermat

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Many companies fail because they get their sales wrong - EPUB probably more than for any other reason, including finance. Sales On A Beermat EPUB EBook Companies with excellent products, able people and good-looking marketing plans: none of these matter if real live customers are not persuaded to write out real live cheques. Sales on a Beermat, by the team that bought you The Boardroom Entrepreneur, is the antidote to this. It dispels the myths that prevent people from doing sales excellently - that sales is somehow flashy and dishonest. It replaces these myths with the truth, that in the modern business, everybody sells. It explains how, outlining the sales roles for the whole team, from technical people to the 'sales cornerstone' at the heart of the operation.

Sales on a Beermat is for everybody who knows they have to sell, but is afraid of the process, and for anybody who does sell, who is determined to make it a key part of their business' strategy. Like this book? Read online this: Becoming a Sales Pro, The #1 Sales Teams.

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