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This book is unique due to the amount of collective experience in Russia and Russian affairs gathered by its editors and authors and its concept of “re- EPUBthinking” Russia. Russia EPUB EBook Leading researchers and intellectuals, who come from Russia, Britain, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, and the United States, engage in an intense dialog to examine the current state of affairs in Russia, Russia’s future and challenges of the social, political, and economic transformation.
Despite different backgrounds and ideas advocated by the authors they are unanimous in the rejection of social and political conservatism and isolationism in foreign affairs, and in underlining the need to bring forward changes that would better integrate Russia with the international community and help it avoid stagnation and marginalization. Collectively, the authors manage to avoid several common misconceptions about Russia in the Western literature: contemporary Russia is not simply a ‘kleptocracy’ that is too weak and marginal to matter in global geopolitics; download; neither is it simply the traditional tsarist empire reborn in a new guise. Instead, this volume convincingly portrays Russia as a complex, troubled, yet influential great power.

The contributors to this timely and important book make clear that neither politics nor economics alone holds the key to Russia’s future, presenting critical perspectives on challenges facing Russia, both in its domestic policies and in its international relations, exploring how global order—or disorder—may develop over the coming decades. Russia still faces enormous challenges in achieving stable economic growth, in delivering social services, and maintaining security throughout an ethnically diverse and far-flung territory, but how Russia faces these challenges is not just a local question, it is a question of global significance.
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