Runaway Pony (Sandy Lane Stables, #2)

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One day jess, the owner of sandy lanes, was walking through the woods. Runaway Pony (Sandy Lane Stables, #2) EPUB EBook After three hours of walking in the woods she saw a lost horse. It was tall, brown haired, and it had a white nose. Jess looked at it for a long time and decided to bring it home with her.
Jess walked three hours back to the sandy lanes. Jess brought the horse to the stables, she feed it, groomed it, and watered it. She hung out with the horse more than she hung out with her friends. Jess went online and she looked up “horse’s names”, and she picked out the name Belinda.
A few years later Belinda got pregnant and had a baby. Jess thought for a long hard for a name for her. Jess was walking through the woods with the baby the baby ran right over to a field of Lilly’s. Jess decided to name the baby horse Lillie.
After a few years passed, Lillie started to join companions, she won all but one except for day jess was at the starting line but when the man said ready, go jess and Lillie were running so fast that Lillie tripped and fell. Lillie ended up breaking her leg. Since the fall she has to wrap it every day.
The next day jess went into town to try to find money because sandy lanes was going out of biasness man that made a deal with her. The deal was if she gave him a horse than he would give the money to jess that she needed. To save sandy lanes. It broke jess’s heart to give up Lillie, but she had no choice.
As years passed jess longed for another horse. She decided to buy a black horse. The new horse grew up to become one of the best racing horses in town.

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