Rogue Moon (Moonstruck #6)

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Rudek Tornjak is a Wolf without a pack. Rogue Moon (Moonstruck #6) EPUB EBook A man scarred by his past, he prefers it that way. While living in the shadows of the French Quarter, whispers of treachery and betrayal reach his ears—along with accusations implicating him in unthinkable acts. He comes out of hiding to confront his accusers only to discover he’s under a death sentence. On the run, he encounters Isabelle Fontaine, a woman with a past of her own she’d rather keep hidden.

Family is everything to Izzy and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep hers safe. Crossing paths with a shadowy corporation and a rogue Wolf puts the people she cares about in jeopardy—not to mention her own life and heart.

Secrets, lies, and betrayals are more personal under the full moon, but when a betrayed Wolf fights for his honor, no one is safe—not even the woman he loves.

Warning: Doubt a Wolf’s honor and you’ll get a serving of hot blood and guts to go. Like this book? Read online this: A Highland Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf, #15), Moonstruck, Joe Versus the Volcano, and Five Corners.

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