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Simple yet thorough. Right with God EPUB EBook
Good for what it was assigned for (as reading for the RUF internship); download; perhaps less so for other purposes.

Written in the 1970's, so takes a very modernist approach—big on appealing to authority.This can be a significant weakness, however, since the authorities are now quite dated, and I know personally that I'm far more receptive to the Christian message when it's talked about in terms of relationships, community, and experience.(What can I say?I'm a child of postmodernity.) However, I like the chapters on failure (Chapter 3) and repentance (Chapter 5: The Need); how Blanchard writes so fervently in first person; and how he draws in the scope of the entire Bible as a story of redemption.

To give example of the authorities cited that are less helpful than they are dated, or even laughable:

"On 9th April, 1939 Chief Justice Ben C. Hilliard, of the Colorado Supreme Court, presided when the evidence concerning the resurrection of Jesus was presented.He advised on the legal value of each piece of evidence..." (p. 80)

"Is its science accurate?Listen to Dr Irwin Moon, Principal of the Moody Institute of Science, Los Angeles...." (p. 11- EPUB12)

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