Return To The Lost World (A Luke Challenger Adventure 1)

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An exciting read with non- EPUBstop action, dinosaurs, gliders, a train, a hot air balloon, an airship, heroic characters, evil villains, and a revisit to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. Return To The Lost World (A Luke Challenger Adventure 1) EPUB EBook

It starts off with a BANG!, and never lets up after that. Set in the 30's it felt more like an Indiana Jones adventure than it did The Lost World.

Similarish in feel to Greg Bear's "Dinosaur Summer", that also returned to the Lost World.

The main characters are Luke, grandson of the late great Professor Challenger and his best friend, Nick, son of Edward Malone.

These heroes face off vs. villains straight out of the pulp magazines of the 30's.

It's as much in the same world as The Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser & download; Rachel Weisz as it is with The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. In fact, the two 15 year old boys exploits are very similar in nature to the boy in "The Mummy Returns" and to Short Round in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", only both are older and a bit more mature.

In the midst of enjoying this a great deal I have to say some of the YA dialogue made me cringe a couple of times throughout.

Once they arrived on the plateau of The Lost World itself, it got equal measures better as it did equal measures worse.

The dinosuar action was cool and rewarding but my anticipations turned to dread when a particular plot sequence I had suspected was coming, in fact, did. I don't want to raise any spoilers here but I was a little shocked not with the sequence but with the decision-making made on the part of the writers that seriously felt out of character with The Lost World I knew so well and with the logic of how it came about.

For writers who have natural storytelling gifts, and who have evidently written over a hundred books, I felt they really erred on their mutual decision on not only one particular character development but two. This, in turn, redeemed itself luckily enough, due to another twist, and it was enough for me to sort my through my frustrations and run with it to the end. With that said, what could've been a 5 star entertainment dipped momentarily to a 3 and thankfully saved itself in the closing chapters to merit a 4 in my book.

I plan on reading the rest of this series, of which, the next one revisits 20,00 Leaguse Under The Sea.

*As an added note, check out the colorful eye-grabbing cover illustration done by the gifted Sam Hadley: A monstrous Allosaurus with an airship in the sky against a dark red backdrop with bright blood red lettering. Awesome! Like this book? Read online this: The Lost World, Homilies On Luke; And, Fragments On Luke.

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