Restrictions Applied (Rookery Cove #9)

EPUB EBook by Fiona Jayde

EBook Description

Maya Drake is employed by Rookery Cove to catch a psychotic telekinetic. Restrictions Applied (Rookery Cove #9) EPUB EBook All she has to do is find the guy, work her spell and cash the check since this witch can freeze a perp at twenty paces and have him wrapped and waiting for the boys in blue. Ex- EPUBcop Joe Holland doesn't think it’s all that easy.

A septiel, able to replicate himself into a squad of seven men, Holland is hired to stop the creep who pops in and out of Rookery Cove. As the attraction to his Kevlar- and micromini-clothed partner grows, Holland decides to burn the little witch out of his system — even if he has to split into two, or three, or four, just to exhaust her.

As the threats against the Cove residents increase, Maya and Holland must find a way to work together, maintain their professional relationship, and keep their minds off sex and on the job at hand. Like this book? Read online this: Holland Brothers (Holland Brothers, #1-2), Some Topics In Industrial And Applied Mathematics (Series In Contemporary Applied Mathematics).

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