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from mailer and wolfe
to cronkite
journalist with the handle afro american
"a soldiers burial"
i'm very inerested in race relations in wartime
U. Reporting Vietnam EPUB EBookS. soldiers

ken keasy? the pranksters
bunging up the largest peace march
ever planned/attemted
(journalistic opinion)
the"New Left"hailing Martin Luther King an"Uncle Tom"
for not pressing march into violence

time to hear the practical realistic journalism for me anywayno longer
idolizing hippies,yippies, putting fake gun turrents on the "magic bus"
and having 'Hell's Angels" ride shotgun .duh?
counter culture- EPUBcounter=counter productive?
any way this compulation of journalisim will provide balance for my self personally
Even my favorite author "Robert Stone's book Prime green Remembering the 60"s
i'm afraid may be as much opinion as fact. "Tom Haden's" journalistic opinion
before the whole Jane Fonda thingHanoi"Norman Mailer" appears the
conservative when "Abbie Hoffman"petioned a permit to surround the pentagon and levitate,exorcise
recolor it
to stop the war in Vietnam.The ""North American Vietcong ass. charges, placards at the ready.
ALL THIS MAY NOT BE VERBATIMbut it's fascinating. "Mailer"just came to be arrested got a little bored before the festivities Like this book? Read online this: Because We Are Called to Counter Culture, Analysis and Reporting.

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