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Graham had a simple life: A job he enjoyed, a wife that he loved, and a young son that kept each and every day full of surprises. Reflections EPUB EBook But when his father passed away unexpectedly, he inherited a family heirloom that would begin to...complicate matters.

A mirror that had been in his family for generations, Graham quickly found that its reflections were out of the ordinary, and that it had prophetic powers beyond his comprehension. Giving him just a momentary glance at souls who were on the knifeā€™s edge of life and death, it was up to him to try to save them as they were thrust unknowingly into his path.

Finding a way to balance his daily life with this newfound responsibility was proving arduous enough, but when the mirror begins showing him reflections of his own family, Graham finds his world irretrievably changed. Will he be able to save them, or will he be forced to live with the same regret that so many have suffered before him? Like this book? Read online this: Surviving Family Life, Reflections.

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