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Don José download; María Arizmendiarrieta was the spiritual founder of Mondragon. Reflections EPUB EBook I am amazed, at times, that no one has published an english language biography of his life. He struggled against the fascists and helped create one of the most incredible democratic workplaces. He was always an educator and a student. Thus, he followed other struggles of his day.

This book is a collection of his key quotes on a variety of topics. A first impression will be that it is the "Little Red Book" for co- EPUBoperators. That would please Don José. He kept a copy of Mao's little red book in his desk drawer during all of his days. The aphorisms of this book should be required reading for any co-op manager or leader. Like this book? Read online this: Essential Mathematics Vels Edition Year 7 Pack With Student Book, Student Cd And Homework Book, Reflections.

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