Red Army Resurgent

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This was a fascinating account that introduced me to the most costly battle in history, Stalingrad. Red Army Resurgent EPUB EBook Even though they were the facist invaders, one eventually feels for the average German footsolider, who was ill rationed and ill fitted for a long, severe Russian winter. I find it unfathomable that of Paulus' 6th army, 250,000 plus that entered Stalingrad triumphantly in the summer of 1942, by February 1943 less than 100,000 were alive to surrender to the Red Army. The rest, frost bitten and starving, were taken off to Russian internment camps. Only 10,000 would ever see Germany again.

War is truly hell. Like this book? Read online this: Stalingrad, Army Medical Support to the Army After Next.

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