Rebels and Devils

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It is easy to assume from the outside that Satanism is merely ceremonial anti- EPUBChristian devil worship, and drug use and homosexuality are something between personal choice recreations and tolerable societal ills. Rebels and Devils EPUB EBook Hyatt combines over 400 pages of articles from William S. Burroughs, Austin Osman Spare, Timothy Leary and more to intellectualize such activities as some of the manifold paths to realizing full human potential. It is in the analysis of the life and motivations of Aleister Crowley and the candid, in-depth interview with Israel Regardie that the savage breaking of taboos is seen as a tool. The interview by Hyatt with Regardie and the following Crowley analysis by psychologist Richard Kaczynski are the core of the book, literally and figuratively. This strips the mystique off occult activity and rebellious behavior and describes them within the confines of a methodology. To quote Kaczynski in "Taboo & download; Transformation": "The ceremonial magick championed by, in a nutshell, alchemy: The transformation of one's base character into gold. ...If psychological triggers can precipitate spiritual change, then the taboos socially programmed into us can act as triggers for major spiritual transformation." Like this book? Read online this: Murray Pura's Blue Heaven Romance Series - Volume 11 - The Transformation of Bitty Brown -The Transformation, Devils.

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