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Rilke is great writer, Gass is a great writer, naturally from a prose point of view this book is excellent. Reading Rilke EPUB EBook

There are four main sections to the book.

The first, a somewhat subjective biographic sketch of Rilke is intelligent and insightful if debatable on points.4 stars

The second is Gass comparing his translation of specific lines to those of prior translators and explaining why they are stupid and wrong. This section was an unenjoyable flashback to many academic conferences and lecture room where scholars (usually, like Gass, old white men) did exactly the same thing. Egotism is ugly and egotism at the expense of those who aren't present to defend themselves is uglier. If you insist upon this sort of mine- EPUBis-bigger display at least have the modesty to get some friend to do it for you in a review so you don't look like a smug jerk. 2 stars

The third section is a consideration of Rilke's compositional process and the idea of "inspiration" and is focused on the Duino Elegies. 3 stars

The final segment of the book is Gass' translations. Like all later translators of oft-translated authors, Gass is faced with the problem of justifying the need for having another translation at all (not that he explicitly addresses this). Like many in his position he errs on the side of novelty over fidelity. Interesting but I would never recommend Gass as the "best" translation. 3 stars.

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