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I'm sure that if you're an American teacher, this book feels like a godsend. Reading Like a Historian (0) EPUB EBook Every chapter looks at a different aspect of American history - EPUB from Pocohontas to the Dust Bowl, Abraham Lincoln as a racist to the Cuban Missile Crisis - and provides documents, context, and ways of approaching lessons on these topics that teach a variety of historical thinking skills. As an Australian, the only chapter that was directly relevant was the one on the Cuban Missile Crisis - I certainly intend to change my lessons around next year to use and incorporate the information suggested here. The book as a whole is actually still useful to me, on two levels: 1. I learnt a lot about American history (well, bits of it anyway), so that was quite fun. 2. The way Wineburg etc explain why to teach the different historical thinking skills, as well as suggestions for how to do so, are obviously transferable to any historical period, topic, or issue. So with a little bit of effort, I can use every concept here to inform (and hopefully improve) my teaching, which is a remarkably exciting thing. First revelation: include a 'word bank' with sources that you give kids. OF COURSE. Also, Wineburg et al are very big on context - students have to understand where documents and ideas fit into the bigger picture (this matches with Tovani and her ideas about teaching kids to be fully literate, which I'm also reading at the moment).

I enjoyed reading this book, and I look forward to implementing its ideas. Like this book? Read online this: Samuel Johnson in Historical Context. Studies in Modern History, Records of the Grand Historian.

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