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Read Russia!: An Anthology of New Voices presents a new gift to American and English- EPUBspeaking readers: thirty short works from Russia's leading contemporary writers. Read Russia! EPUB EBook This 448-page collection is weighty and substantial, yet is also just a taste of the stunning writing coming out of Russia today.

Basileus / Olga Slavnikova; download; Translated by Andrew Bromfield
Whatever Day of the Week It Happens To Be / ZakharPrilepin; Translated by Simon Patterson and Nina Chordas
Shelter / Alexander Kabakov; Translated by Daniel Jaffe
Dauntless Women of the Russian Steppe / Ludmila Ulitskaya; Translated by Arch Tait
The Half-Belt Overcoat / Mikhail Shishkin; Translated by Leo Shtutin
Sindbad the Sailor / Yury Buida; Translated by Oliver Ready
A Family of Monsters / Igor Sakhnovsky; Translated by Hugh Aplin
Hiroshima / Vladimir Sorokin; Translated by Jamey Gambrell
Psycho’s One Night Stand / Sergey Kuznetsov; Translated by Andrew Bromfield
Basya Solomovna’s Third World War / Margarita Khemlin; Translated by Lisa Hayden Espenschade
The Lizard / Maria Galina; Translated by Deborah Hoffmann
Birds of A Feather / Alexander Genis; Translated by Daniel Genis
Gonzo / Andrei Rubanov; Translated by Polly Gannon
Monologue of A Life Model / Dina Rubina; Translated by Marian Schwartz
The Death of Manon / Yuri Miloslavsky; Translated by David Lapeza
The Stone Bridge (Fragment) / Alexander Terekhov; Translated by Simon Patterson
The Life and Death of Nicholas II / Eduard Radzinsky; Translated by Marian Schwartz
Mozharovo / Dmitry Bykov; Translated by James Rann
Chechnya, To Chechnya / Sergei Shargunov; Translated by John Narins
More Elderly Person / Dmitry Danilov; Translated by Douglas Robinson
The One-Day War / Vladimir Makanin; Translated by Bela Shayevich
Verbal TNT / Yuri Polyakov; Translated by Leo Shtutin
Idzhim / Roman Senchin; Translated by Lisa Hayden Espenschade
The Agency / Anna Starobinets; Translated by Hugh Alpin
Shaitans / Alisa Ganieva; Translated by Marian Schwartz
Stars Over Lake Teleskoye / Irina Bogatyreva; Translated by Arch Tait
Strike the Iron While It’s Hot, Boys! / Alexei Lukyanov; Translated by Michele Berdy
The People’s Book / Igor Savelyev; Translated by Amanda Love-Darragh
The Day When You Phone the Dead / German Sadulaev; Translated by Anna Gunin
The Sparrow / Alexander Ilichevsky; Translated by Benjamin Paloff Like this book? Read online this: The Twelve Caesars (Translated, Annotated, Illustrated), Russia!.

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