Raising Great Kids - Parenting with Grace and Truth

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Happily, this is not an "8 easy steps to parental success" (and too bad if they don't work for you!) sort of a book, even if the title might create that sort of expectation. Raising Great Kids - EPUB Parenting with Grace and Truth EPUB EBook Rather, it is a book that seeks to provide a basic horizon or framework for understanding parenting: What is it that parents hope to do? What are (ought to be) some of the basic goals they aim for? What does a child need? What are some of the traits parents hope to nurture and develop in their children? What are some challenges to expect along the way?

As an expectant father, in my brief exposure to the mountain of parenting advice out there, it seems as though a lot of resources focus on very specific behaviors and actions, describe parenting in purely functional terms, or push one particular agenda to an unhelpful degree (the primary goal of a lot of parenting literature seems to aim to make parents feel as guilty as possible). The strength of this book is in its balance, and in its ability to provide a broader overview of the task of parenting while still remaining accessible and practical. While there are some specific details I would argue with, and I would have perhaps liked a little more explicit grounding of some of the traits/goals in a biblical/theological foundation (the book of Proverbs would have provided some good resources here), this is a helpful, wise book. Like this book? Read online this: Budget Wedding (Wedding, Marriage, Relationships And Parenting Book 1), Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord.

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